Just after the jab

I am an ICU nurse who just received the first dose of the Pzifer Covid vaccine. I had some mild side effects, nothing awful. Despite being an ICU nurse, I understand vaccine hesitancy. My first child was born at home, and I had him vaccinated on a modified schedule. Without any supporting evidence, it mitigated my anxiety about poking my baby with… stuff. I got the Covid vaccine even though I am not completely convinced of its overall greatness. I was convinced of its adequacy for this moment. I was convinced of its relative safety. …

When I was in nursing school 17 years ago, we did a 2 week psych rotation in 2 different facilities. One was a crisis stabilization unit, the other an inpatient facility. During my rotation, I happened to meet a young adult patient — let’s call them Sam — who was in both places. I was able to have more contact with this particular patient than with any other during nursing school, and I have never forgotten them. (To be clear, I am using gender-neutral pronouns to avoid any chance of identifying them, not because they were non-binary). This patient suffered…

At the time they asked, I was unaware of the marks. When I returned home and saw them, I offered to show them to a female officer. There “were none on duty.” It is unreasonable to ask a 17 year old rape victim to bare her breasts to a male officer.

“man standing near brown wooden table” by rawpixel on Unsplash

In the early hours of July 5th 1985, I was raped by a stranger. I was 17, dressed in a polo shirt and Bermuda shorts. Hours after the fireworks ended, I snuck out to meet a boy I liked. I waited at our appointed spot on a suburban street corner by a park. A skinny, skanky white guy got there first. He dragged me through poison ivy by my neck; told me he was coked up; said he had a knife (which I never saw). I used my considerable sarcasm, wit and humor to humanize myself. I told him I…

Laura Hinerfeld

Mom, nurse, animal lover, reader

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